Live a Life of Intention

Do you direct your own course of action?

You manage your relationships, your finances, your peers, your children, your home but do you manage your own life's action plan? Somewhere along the way, did you stop improving on you?

I help clients flourish and live THEIR best lives by providing a more accurate picture of reality from a different level of awareness.

Everyday you strive to be the person you are today, but who is the person you can become?

A life strategy advisor can assist you to map that development. I look forward to stretching your awareness.

A bit about my journey

I earned a BA in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, a Masters degree in International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird and completed my PhD in Management from California Coast University.

I worked on submarine and anti-warfare research, international marketing and held executive posts at various non-profit organizations around the world. I thrive when doing personal fitness, running my first marathon in 2008 training in the mountains of Huixquilucan, Mexico and I hiked a 180K Oxfam race in Japan in less than 48 hours to be the first women’s team to cross the finish line. I moved to Japan in 2011 right after a major earthquake and tsunami occurred and lived in Mexico City during often dangerous times for expats.  These life adventures cemented my ability to observe what is actually there and be curious.

I am a first time author of a collection of personal short stories of advice to encourage young mothers to document and journal their intentions. And I successfully navigated 13 moves across four continents and continue to raise three wonderful adult children with my husband of 28 years.

Soar higher in all areas of your life!

I work with clients willing to apply a different mindset to all aspects of their life not just their profession by pinpointing any resistance to life changes.

Learn more about my comprehensive life strategy approach.

My mission for you

My mission as your life strategy advisor is to raise your level of awareness to preserve, promote and share a more accurate picture of your reality.  

I do not doubt you have achieved the qualifications you deem necessary for your life, yet how do you get better at what you do? How do you become great?

Do you see obstacles standing in your way, and turn them into opportunities for growth. 

Is the life you are building for yourself good enough? Or have you stopped improving?

Support and encouragement you need to play so big that you will change your own game!

Just like a top athlete, we should experience a laser focus to constantly improve our strategy on how we play the life game. You are never done improving. I advise and recognize issues standing in your way.

Learn more about my comprehensive life strategy approach.

My philosophy

Your experiences in this world shape how people view you. My own journey toward self fulfillment inspired me to create a boutique experience. I aim to bulletproof your vision, ensuring you think as big as you dare, and you execute decisively and in harmony with the values and beliefs that make you who you are. My life strategy experience will expose how you live your greatest life, not in the future but right now.

I was disillusioned by the one size fits all large self help conferences, books on how to achieve and the “experts' providing the keys to greater fulfillment or what success looked like for them. They had never walked my path or understood my own personalized story. They did not know the inner workings of me.

I desired someone to provide a focus on my story and advise me to the best version of myself. To guide me to continue to achieve by breaking down my fundamentals and building them back up. I craved an individualized experience to sort the everyday chaos of my world, to recalibrate me and most of all be more passionate about my narrative and impact on those around me. I do not think it is how good you are now but how good you achieve to be.

A life lead with intention.

Rediscover your essence and explore who you could be

Want a one-on-one experience that breaks-down your current walls, finds the small tweaks to recalibrate your focus, and provides a new unexplored path to navigate life.

Learn more about my comprehensive life strategy approach.

J. J. G.

Client, C Level Executive

Julianne examines your every-day habits and actions to safeguard you against your current environment, leading to more fulfillment and intention.

M. N.

Client, Investment Banking

“Julianne can help you expand your own definition of success and fulfillment. ”

A. S.


“Julianne sees what others can’t see, what they don't want to see, and she holds nothing back in the interest of your personal growth.”

Sorine C.

Client, Entrepreneur

Julianne can support and encourage you to play so big that you will change your own game.

C. Amon

Client, Director of Operations & Analytics

Julianne is globally fearless. She adapts culture and family heritage as an inner strength rather than a crutch to not perform.

W. P.

Client, EdTech

Julianne does not second guess connecting or wondering if she made the right decision. She will name it, claim it and then hold you accountable to make it happen.

C. K.

Client, HR Benefits

Julianne believes that energy management beats time management any day of the week, and will support you with strategies to perform at a higher level than ever before.

Want to lead a more purposeful life?

Is the life you are building for yourself good enough?

Have you stopped improving?

Have you become too comfortable?

My mission as your life strategist advisor is to raise your level of awareness to preserve, promote and share a more accurate picture of your reality.