How a mother took her first step on the moon

A Mother's Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children

"How a Mother Took Her First Step on the Moon: A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children" is a collection of light-hearted, true stories and an empowering journal for future and current moms.

Author Julianne Bosch illuminates the fun and serious parts of being a mother, offering advice that can help parents when teaching their own kids how to: plan ahead, defend the ones you love, and find ways to laugh at your mistakes.  Traveling, planning, and parenting in many different countries, Bosch teaches her kids how to end arguments early, how to have full experiences, and how to practice what you preach.

Informative and inspirational!

Meet Julianne

Living abroad, I would meet people with new careers and lifestyles that were different from my own. I am a naturally curious person and that is what I appreciated about moving around the globe: being exposed to a diverse map or makeup of this world. Each human can teach you something or allow a lens to view new perspectives. We all have one wild and precious life.

How A Mother Took Her First Step On The Moon - A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children began as a 50th birthday quest. Mothers leave a mark. So I chose to give a gift to my children instead of receiving gifts by writing a collection of uplifting true stories and an empowering workbook for parents. I hope you will take the time to write your intentions for parenting. It is a powerful tool and my book was written to guide other mothers with their own journey. When chaos hits in a household having a solid foundation of basics makes the storm manageable.

My name is Julianne Bosch, I am a mother to three children. I was an expat wife and I am starting to forget to count the “where’s” but my closets are organized and the life lessons abroad have been learned and cherished. I became a Professional Career & Life Coach, I call a Life Strategist practicing with clients virtually via zoom. Where my husband goes–I go. So I get the best of both worlds: I have a job that is extremely fulfilling helping others and I get to travel with my partner of 27+ years.